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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Booking

Is it possible to give direct instruction to the inspector ?

Yes it is, through the Inspection Protocal that you are filling in,  or your instructions mentioned in the history emails correspondance are transferred straight to the Inspector needs to focuse on during the inspection.

Is it necessary to re-input the factory details for every booking ?

No it is not. If the factory is already in your factory database, you just need to put the cursor on the row for Supplier Name / Factory Nameduring booking, the Smart-Input function of supplier-factory database will be activated automatically, you then select it from the list.

You can easily update your factory/supplier details from the tab "Suplier Database" of your online account.

Is it possible to include several products in the same inspection report ? 

Yes, it is,   in general, to protect client’s interest, ICS suggests client to adopt one inspection report for one product,  but we also offer the combination report ( means one inspection report  consists of several products if the inspection is in the same factory on the same day ), upon client requested,