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During Production Inspection

The production is inspected when at least 30% of the order has been completed so as to ensure that contractual obligations regarding specifications, packaging, marking are met. DPI is ideal for shipments of substantial quantities, product lines with continuous production, strict requirements for on-time shipments, and as a follow-up if poor results were found during IPI. DPI makes it possible to provide recommendations on site, so that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production phase.

Main checkpoint for DPI:

  • Check the quantity and monitor the production schedule.
  • Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process
  • Evaluate the product if matches with product specifications, packaging, packing and marking.
  • Ensure the calibration and accuracy of equipment.
  • Give advices to improve product quality and minimize defects.
  • Verify material/units if match related standards of import country.



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