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Factory Audit

Factory Audits determine if representations made by a manufacturing supplier regarding factory ownership, size, capabilities, and legal operating status are true and accurate . Inspect-China’s certified auditor performs a department-by-department review, verifies production system, quality control system,financial condition, ownership of record, business license , and provides plentiful photo documentation of your supplier's facility,  Use this service if you want to verify manufacturing capabilities and legal operating status.   the assessments can be tailor-made per client's needs and requirements.

  • Check the general information of the factory including the structure, number of workers, area of workshop and etc.
  • Evaluate the manufacturer’s production system, including working condition, facilities, machines, technical capability and environmental control system.
  • Evaluate the quality system to ensure the presence of inspectors and correct methodology for quality control.
  • Evaluate the management ability.
  • Evaluate the financial condition, including registered capital, bank credit grade.

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