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C-TPAT Audit

C-TPAT full name is Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism,  a joint government–business partnership, where companies agree to improve security in their Supply Chains in return for “Fast Lane” Border Crossings and other important incentives.  This is a voluntary manufacturer–based verification program  seeking to verify and validate the on-site security practices of foreign manufacturers currently exporting to United States. This program calls upon importing businesses and service providers to establish policies enhancing their own security practices and those of business partners involved in the supply chain, based on the following C-TPAT security criteria:

       •   Business Partners Requirements

       •  Container Security

       •  Physical Access Controls

       •  Personnel Security

       •  Security Training & Threat Awareness

       •  Information Technology Security


Insptect-China’s can conduct an independent Assessment through a verification audit, which enables the factory to move towards a continuous upgrading of their security systems.

Inspect-China’s security auditing services are designed to address and assist:

  • An organization’s security processes, identify corrective actions and establish improvement plans to address weaknesses.
  • A client’s compliance with government security requirements through periodic auditing of its commercial processes.
  • The compliance of security systems and procedures of prospective or contracted third party suppliers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and similar service providers with their customer’s security requirements.
  • Clients to develop and implement security systems and procedures and, where relevant, coordinate these with their service providers.

Main checking content includes:

  • Procedural Security
  • Documentation Processing
  • Physical Security
  • Access Controls
  • Personnel Security
  • Education and Training Awareness
  • Manifest Procedures
  • Conveyance Security


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