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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment / Pricing

How is the pricing calculated?

At the end of your booking order, you will be able to review the pricing.

In case of an Inspection, the Inspect-China online pricing system calculates the number of Man-Days needed to complete the inspection according to the product features and sampling size ( the default sampling level is Level II ),  the ICS’s pricing quotation is fully based on the actual workload of product inspected.   the price quoted is ONLY for your Reference, we suggest you complete an inspection order booking firstly,  then send E-mail to us to discuss the detailed price furtherly. 

How to pay for an order?

Once you have confirmed the pricing, you can pay for your order (as well as for other pending orders unpaid if any) online with Paypal.
Should you want to pay later (by transfer (T/T) or online), a +4.6% extra charge will be applied to your order pricing. See Conditions

Once the payment is completed, you will be re-directed to your Inspect-China account, and you will receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal.

- Orders paid online are subject to the payment of Paypal processing fees, according to ICS Terms & Conditions
- At any moment, you can consult the “Pay Bills” tab of your account to consult your pending unpaid orders and settle them online.